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[Unofficial] Shiny Existence Thread [5th Life]

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The story behind this pory is pretty funny.

Passed like 8 months without a shiny and I was hunting for shiny ditto 2 days in a row 'cause I already train a lot of mons thinking that after beat a lot of them i can finally find a shiny and didn't found shiny ditto and got a full ditto box. Due to I was dissapointed I didn't try to sell it and try to hatch:


Just to make fun of my luck and after 20 dittos i got this shiny pory. 



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49 minutes ago, Ploegy said:

electro ball, discharge, swift and dig (mostly to get out of caves since i do have a few shinies i'm hunting in caves rn)

Oh, I figured you had some sort of catching moveset on that Pokemon for shiny hunting.

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