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[PSL XV] PokeMMO Super League Season 15 - Finals HYPE

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If you recorded a PSL duel, please send the raw video file to me so I can upload it to the PSL replays youtube channel. Also join our media group, you get paid!



  • LC players are encouraged to join the Little Cup Club and take notice of the tier clauses and banlist.


If you have any questions, ask your manager or check the general thread.


General Thread
Regular Season Round Robin

PSL Rankings Spreadsheet



Kangaskhan's Golden Horde (3) vs (5) Stark Tyrants

OU: ZioMOJI vs ForFour

OU: ArtOfKilling vs DoubleJ

UU: Azphiel vs Mkns

NU: MadaraSixSix vs woxiangsinile

Dubs: TehKharma vs Imabetheverybest

LC: Gasyflour vs TheDH

DPP: Zokuru vs BlueBreath

UU: TheNavarro (Wallarro) vs UmbraMol



Deadline Monday, 20th of March at midnight GMT

Don't forget to PM your opponent ASAP!

Post your scheduled battle time in discord at least 10 mins prior to its start.

All battles shall be played in Vermillion Channel 4 PC.

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Kangaskhan's Golden Horde (4) vs (4) Stark Tyrants

OU: ZioMOJI vs ForFour

OU: ArtOfKilling vs DoubleJ

UU: Azphiel vs Mkns

NU: MadaraSixSix vs woxiangsinile

Dubs: TehKharma vs Imabetheverybest

LC: Gasyflour vs TheDH

DPP: Zokuru vs BlueBreath

UU: TheNavarro (Wallarro) vs UmbraMol

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image.gifimage.gifCongratulations to Stark Tyrants for winning PSL 15image.gifimage.gif

Great effort to Kangaskhan's Golden Horde as the runner up.

Thanks all for taking part!



I would like to thank @Shadow who made sure the weekly threads were updated! @Poufilou For some serious time put into the media side of PSL, one of the real MVPs this season, thank you so much. @caioxlive13 for helping with auction timers and spreadsheets. @Gunthug for consistently giving us awesome commentary videos. JeanMarc for helping with spreadsheets. A huge thank you to all those that donated! A thanks to @Imperial for his betting thread work and being middle man to a few bets. Lastly, a huge thank you to @gbweadand @Draekyn who helped with with so much throughout, you guys are the real MVPs. Adios season 15.

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